Carriola a Semi-Finalist for James White Award

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my short story “Carriola” has been shortlisted for the James White Award.  Maybe long-listed would be more accurate as it’s there along with about 15 other stories, but it’s made the first cut, so that’s great.

From the official blog:

The James White Award is pleased to be able to announce the longlisted stories for this year’s award. These are:

  • The Astronaut Tier
  • Carriola
  • Corinna, Fractured
  • Dagher’s Children
  • Don
  • Exposure
  • Leviathanology
  • May the Pain Guide You Home
  • Morrigan
  • Shepherd Boy Balances the Hundred Souls
  • Sim World Scripting Derby
  • Skin and Bone
  • The Cut
  • The Devil’s Breath
  • The Dying Glass
  • The Origin of Serendipity
  • Tumbler

Authors of other submissions can consider their stories released.

We hope to announce the shortlist within two weeks and the winner shortly afterwards.

“Carriola” is a story not mentioned on this blog before, I don’t believe. It’s set on Taral, the same planet seen in “The Eater of Stars“, published earlier this year but takes place during the initial invasion, not in its aftermath. Both are complete standalone stories that do not require any prior knowledge of previous work, an impractical proposition in short story markets.
The James White Award Short Story Competition was established in 2000. It is open only to non-professional writers and offers them the opportunity to have their work published in Interzone, the UK’s leading and longest established science fiction magazine.

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