Palace of the Mind with Shards Anthology

Shards anthology cover image
cover of Still Waters, a recent anthology from Spring Song Press.
Still Waters, a recent anthology from Spring Song Press.

Good news! Spring Song Press has agreed to publish my short story “The Palace of the Mind” for its upcoming anthology, Shards.

Some of the guidelines from the submission follow to give you an idea what to expect in the collection:

  • “The story must have a fantasy/speculative element. Science fantasy is ok, but we’re aiming for fantasy rather than straight science fiction.
  • “We generally prefer ‘clean,’ noblebright stories, but this anthology is open to a broader interpretation of noblebright than our other anthologies – grimbright and nobledark are definitely under consideration.
  • “The story must address the ‘Shards’ theme in some way. Shards of lives, shards of a broken heart, shards of broken pottery or glass, shards of myth and memory… be creative!”

“The Palace of the Mind” is billed as a ‘myth of the Chiorli people of Dakoom’ and I believe it fits the above description well, running a touch lighter and more fantastic than  my other recent stories.

Check out Spring Song Press for their previously published anthologies as well as current open anthology calls.